Innovations & Inventions to Help Indians.

Zebra crossing in 3D Painting on Roads

Two Girls- Saumya Pandya Thakkar and Shakuntala Pandya, from Gujrat have designed a very innovative idea of painting Zebra crossing in 3D. It gives illusion and alerts Speeding car drivers to slow down as it appears like Road Blockers at first sight. This idea is being used near different Gujrati Schools for the safety of children.


Deepak Reddy is a mechanical engineer from Telangana who built a multi-harvester machine to help the farmers of his village start cultivation on land left barren for years. The land had large amounts of stone debris which is difficult to remove and requires huge expense. He also came to know there are acres of such land all over South India. Cost-effective equipment to do this task was necessary and he was successful in developing it. It can also be used to harvest crops.

Mitti Cool

A traditional clay craftsman and inventor Mansukhbhai Prajapati is fond of making new things using clay. The ‘coolest’ of his inventions is a fridge made of clay which needs no electricity to preserve food items for many days. This Rajkot-native’s invention has been featured at a conference organised by the Centre for India and Global Business, Judge Business School, University of Cambridge, the UK in May 2009.

Solar Rickshaw Home

Tamil Nadu based architect Arun Prabhu was concerned about the illegal encroachments in metro cities and wanted to find a solution to the problem. The 23-year-old built a house on top of an autorickshaw which consists of a toilet, foyer, terrace, living room space, kitchen and other such essential spaces. The set-up is portable and is designed to be attached to any vehicle. Labourers, travellers, artists and vendors consider this as an amazing idea and the house can even be utilised during natural disasters.

Sewage Pipe Home

Perala Manasa Reddy witnessed the issue of access to clean drinking water and sanitation facilities for the poor when she was a civil engineering student. This prompted her to study more about low-cost housing options when she came across Pod-style homes built from sewage pipes. She developed an Indian version of OPod which is a low-cost homemade from old sewage pipes that have bathrooms, a kitchen, and bedrooms attached. This solves housing problems among the poor.

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Innovations & Inventions to Help Indians.

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