Advantages & Disadvantages of Computers

In the Mordern World, the computer is used in every field, to carry out our day to day tasks very easily and more precisely, It has been a boon to mankind. If you dont know Computer, even getting a job is very tough now a days. There are advantages and disadvantages of using computers which are listed below.

Advantages of Computers

1) Computer is a Great Education Tool, You can do lot of Learning on the Internet.
2) You can Pay your our Electricity Bills, Telephone Bills, Recharge Mobile Phones on Computers.
3) Children can play games, hear songs, watch pic, videos, films on Computer.
4) Students can create graphics for the projects and print them using printers.
5) Companies use Computer to Keep Database of there Sales, Clients, Purchases etc using sofwares such as Tally.

Disadvantages of Computers

1) Since Computer performs different works automatically, its has resulted in Lot of Unemployment for Manpower.
2) People use computer for Negative use like continusly playing games, chatting, which results in loss of productivity for offices.
3) Keeping Precious Data on the Computer can be Risky, as it can be missues by un-athorised persons.
4) The improper and prologned use of computer can results in issues related to eyes, finger, neck, Back Problems.
5) The Non-working or Used parts of computers can release dangerous toxic gases harmfull for human beings.

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