Sex Tips For Women

Tips For Women

Sexy underwear is a winner, so make the last stage of undressing for sex doubly exciting by wearing something that will have the effect of turning you both on. Make sure you feel really great in it - there's no point in sexy gear if it makes you feel embarrassed or ridiculous. Try sometimes keeping an undergarment, such as a suspender belt, bra or camisole, on during sex.

Most men love women to initiate sex, so if you feel like it, go for it! Gentle biting and nibbling are highly erotic, as are kissing the back of his neck, his ears and eyelids. Some men enjoy having their nipples kissed and most enjoy having their buttocks caressed or gently slapped. 

Men respond very quickly to having their genitals touched (so do delay this if you want to prolong foreplay!). The penis, especially the glans at the tip is a man's most highly erogenous zone. The area between the penis and the anus is also exceptionally sensitive to touch. Nearly all men love to have their penises licked and kissed. 

If a man hasn't got an erection in a sexual situation, it doesn't mean he doesn't want to be aroused. Direct stimulation such as stroking the penis, rolling it between your palms or caressing it between your breasts are likely to lead to an erection. Using a lubricant will enhance his sensations.

A man's anus and its surrounding area are very sensitive. Touching your partner's anus during intercourse or oral sex will almost certainly increase his pleasure.

Always communicate to your partner your enjoyment of what you are doing or what's being done to you. People find sexual feedback from their partner very stimulating, and they especially like any suggestions for adding spice to your lovemaking. 

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