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Exercise tips that May You Stay Fit

How to Burn Tummy Fat

Squat to Burn your Belly Fat

What is a Squat ? How to Do Squat
Bend through your knees with the bar on your back until your hips come lower than parallel. That is until your hip joint comes lower than your knee joint when looking from the side. Come back up. That's a Squat. This exercise that just makes the heart pump way faster. It's an intensive exercise that, no matter how fit you are, can get you to shed lots of fat fast. To make this harder, you can hold a dumbbell in each hand. You can even swing the dumbbells up when you rise from your squat for even greater fat burning.

Jumping rope

When it comes to cardio to burn belly fat and to do it fast, a jumping rope is the king. In 5 minutes, you can quickly build a nice sweat. In addition, this exercise brings your entire body into the motion

he best way to burn the most belly fat with running is to do it in intervals. Interval running means to change the pace in which you run every few minutes, running very fast one moment and running more slowly the next. This works your body in various levels of intensity which is an excellent way to make it fitter and leaner. It also allows you to do a more intensive workout in less time. The more intensive the workout the faster your burn fat.

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