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Best Weekend Getaways / Tour Spots Around Mumbai

The tinsel town of India, Mumbai is best known for Bollywood, it’s local trains, the thrilling fast paced lives and it is recognized as the economic hub of the western India. After the tiring weekdays which feast on the the lives of working class people, weekends are no less than an oasis in a dreaded and deadly desert. If you are one of those Mumbaikars who are seeking for a refuge to recharge yourself, here are some spots which are perhaps the best weekend getaways around Mumbai


If ancient temples and marvelous Indian architecture charms you, then Igatpuri should be your first choice for an amazing weekend. Situated in Nashik, Igatpuri is renowned for ancient Amruteshwar Temple and Ghatandevi Temple. One can go there to obtain a peace of mind away from the hustle of the city life. Since Arthur Lake, Bhatsa river valley and Camle valley are located nearby, they can be added in the list too.

Beautiful Picture of Igatpuri

Malshej Ghat

The miracle of nature, Malshej Ghat is a spectacular mountain pass located in Pune. The splendor of nature unfolds with panoramic views and exotic scenic beauty. With a diverse wildlife, these ghats are also the abode of birds like cuckoo and flamingoes. So, if you want to spend your weekend in Nature’s lap, Malshej Ghat is where you should head to.

Malshej Ghat

Karnala Bird Sanctuary

Not many would think of visiting a bird sancturary during the weekend. But he Karnala bird sanctuary surrounding the lofty Karnala fort which is a home to aruond 150 species of birds is a perfect place to carry out a weekend outing with your family or friends. It will give you a new perspective when you get back to the city at the end of the trip.

Karnala Bird Sanctuary


Kashid is s beach town situated on the Arabian Sea shores. The beaches are mesmerizing with the rich blue of the Arabian Sea, the whites of the sand the sprawling green of the fields and the beautiful greenish blue colour of the streams. Kashid is also known for surfing and caters as an ideal destination for beach lovers.



Referred as the House of God due to the temple of Lord Harihareshwar who has been said to be blessed by Lord Shiva, Harihareshwar is a perfect amalgamation of Beaches and temples. For a soothing and relaxing weekend experience, it is not at all a bad option.




It is an unparalleled blend of pristine natural beauty with numerous waterfalls, mountains and greenery. The tranquility and refreshing air in the region creates a divine ambiance. The Bhandardara Lake and the Randha falls are a must to see if you are choosing Bhandardara.



Silvasa is a town with Portuguese touch and abodes the rich Warli culture. It has been popular since the movie Phool aur Kantey was shot here. Hence If you want to experience a bit of Roman Catholic and Portuguese and getaway from the regular Mumbai life, Silvasa can certainly help you.

Silvasa - Roman Catholic and Portuguese Touch

Takmak fort

The ruins of chambers, watch towers and markets are just enough to turn on the adventurer inside you. Fortified by legendary stories, Takmak fort is a dream land for people who loves to get lost in the times of kings, kingdoms, wars and elegance.

Takmak fort - King Adventure

Kaas Plateau

Kaas plateau lets you enter the womb of mother nature with its 850 species of wild flowers at the high plateau. Surrounded by dense forests, you can also notice a lake while you climb down the plateau. Overall, it’s one of the most sought out destinations for explorers and campers.

Kaas Plateau - Dense Forest


If it’s the season of monsoon, one cannot afford to miss visiting Lonavla. With its lush green grass, numerous ponds and waterfalls, the hill station Lonavla is literally a paradise. Moreover, the twin of Lonavla – Khandala, yes the Khandala of Aati kya Khandala is pretty close.

Lonavala Hill station with lush green grass

Lonavala Hill station with numerous ponds and waterfalls

Korigad Fort

929 metres above the sea level, this fort reminds of the legendary Shivaji Maharaj who incorporated this fort along with several others in his empire. The massive gate of the fort welcomes you with all its might and the lakes and temples around leaves you dumbstruck. For enthusiasts bitten by the bug of adventure, Korigad fort can be a memorable experience

Korigad Fort - Built by Shivaji Maharaj

Korigad Fort - Lakes and Temples

Thus we can see that there are many places around Mumbai where one can go for a quick weekend getaway either with family, friends or with colleagues from the workplace. It is best to go once every two to three months to keep the body fresh and energized throughout the year.



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