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SSC Results on 8th June 2018 at 1 PM

Mumbai: Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board has announced the date for the SSC examination. On Friday (June 8th) the results will be announced on the Board's website.

The results of Class X results will be declared at 1 pm, students will be able to get online results from the afternoon. The Board has made arrangements to see the results on various websites.

here will you find out?

Students will find their detailed results on the website. The result is the attention of the students of 10th standard in the state.

मुंबई : महाराष्ट्र राज्य माध्यमिक व उच्च माध्यमिक शिक्षण मंडळाच्या वतीने घेण्यात आलेल्या दहावी परीक्षेच्या निकालाची तारीख जाहीर झाली आहे. सोमवार तारीख ८ जून २०१८ रोजी दुपारी 1 बोर्डाच्या वेबसाईटवर निकाल जाहीर होतील.

दुपारी 1 पासून विद्यार्थ्यांना ऑनलाईन निकाल पाहता येतील. बोर्डाने विविध संकेतस्थळावर निकाल पाहण्याची सोय केली आहे.

कुठे कुठे पाहाल दहावीचा निकाल? या वेबसाईटवर विद्यार्थ्यांना त्यांचा सविस्तर दहावीचा निकाल पाहायला मिळेल. या निकालाकडे राज्यातील दहावीच्या विद्यार्थ्यांचं तसेच सर्व पालकांचे ही लक्ष लागून राहिलं आहे.

सर्व विद्यार्थ्यांना बेस्ट ऑफ लक : श्री अमोल बापू दळवी / सौं अमृता अमोल दळवी / सौं निलम संतोष साईल

Other websites to view the results:
How will you see?

You can type your number without spaces to see the result of Class X. You will then need to write the first three letters of your mother's name in the lower row. Suppose your number is A240700 and your mother's name is AMRUTA, then you have to write the number A240700 in the first row and AMR in the second row in the capital.

Note:- Download and save your Maharashtra Board SSC Result 2018

The Maharashtra Board SSC Result 2018 should be saved on the computer for offline viewing. The PDF copy of MSBSHSE SSC Result 2018 can be used as the future references in case of any discrepancy. The online Maharashtra Board SSC Result 2018 can also be used as a provisional result, for admission purposes by schools. However, the online Maharashtra Board SSC Result 2018 cannot be used in place of original mark sheet. Therefore, the students are requested to collect the original Maharashtra Board SSC Result 2018 mark sheet through their respective schools in coming weeks.

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