1. Alway Buy Stocks of Fundamentally Strong Companies having good track record, Do not Buy for Cheap Stocks.

2. First do paper trading(write entry price & exit price on paper) and if you get success then start your actual day trading. If you don't get success in paper trading then do not do day trading.

3. Initially don't use margin amount for day trading. Once you get lots of experience then you can use margin amount. Trade only with the money available with you so that if the trade goes wrong you can take delivery of those stocks and sell later instead of bearing loss. This is only possible if you have bought shares and not possible for short sell trade.

4. Don't try to trade daily. If markets are very volatile then it is better to wait and watch instead of start trading immediately.

5. Trading without losses is not possible, always decide Stoploss and target when you buy a Stock. Don't Change that in any circumstances. Always Try to reduce losses and increase profit so that at the end of the month you should be in profit.

6. Be in touch with news/events in the market. Most of the time it has been observed that News and Events affect the market. We highly recommended and advised to keep yourself in touch with the market news and updates.

R = Resistance = After breaking this level further upside is expected.

S = Support = After breaking this level further downside is expected.


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