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Learn Marathi Language in 5 Minutes

Learn Local Language of Maharashtra - Marathi in Just Five (5) Minutes

We have tried to teach marathi language is a very simple way, for any person who knows little English and want to learn marathi. If you are travelling to Mumbai in India, or any parts of Maharashtra you can speak this language and win marathi friends.

Hello Namaskaar
Welcome Swaagat (formal) / Yaa (informal)
How are you (Male)? Tu Kasa aahes?
How are you (Female)? Tu Kasi aahes?
How are you (Formal)? Tumhi Kasey aahat?
Fine Bara ahey (men) / Bari ahey(women)
No Nako
Yes Ho
When Kevhaa?
How Kase
Glad to meet you Tumhala bhetun aanand zhaala
What is your name? Aaple naav kaay?
I'm John Mee John
Come in Aat yaa
Sit down Basaa
Stop Thambaa
Go forward Pudhey Jaa
Go back Maagey Jaa

Go straight Saral Zaa
I want to get down here Mala ikdey utraiche ahey
How much?/How many? Kitii?
Next stop Pudhcha stop
Listen Aika
Please Krupa karoon
Thank you Dhanyavaad
Good Night Shubh Ratri
Goodbye Nirop gheto
I want Mala havay
Can you help me please? Krupa karun mala madat kartaa kaa
I agree Mee sahmat ahey
I disagree Mee sahmat nahee
Good Changla / Chhaan
Congratulations Abhinandan
I request (you) Mee vinanti karto / karte
Thanks a lot Anek dhanyavaad
Excuse me/sorry Malaa maaf kara
I apologize Mee chuklo
Let's go Chala Jaauya
How much Will it cost? Hyachi kimmat kaay ahey
Is this water good for drinking? Hey pyayche paani ahey kaa
Can I make a phone call from here? Mee ek phone karu shakte kaa
Where can I hire a taxi? Mala taxi kothe milel
Where does this road go? Haa rasta kothe jaato
Don't speak so fast Itkya vegaat bolu nakaa
When do you go back? Apan kevhaa paratjanar
Come back again Parat yaa
Zero Shunya
One Ek
Two Don
Three Teen
Four Char
Five Paach
Six Saha
Seven Saat
Eight Aath
Nine Nau
Ten Daha

>>More Coming Soon

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